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The Photography Life- Newborns, Children and Family “Oh My”- Fort Worth and Saginaw Texas Photographer

If you would have asked me when I was 6 what I wanted to be when I grow up, you would have gotten the usual answer.  Teacher, doctor, mommy, or vet.  Well, to say the least I am all of those on top of so much more.  I teach my kiddos every day, I take care of them when they are sick, mommy..enough said and of course, we have dogs. So, all my predictions came true.  And I love every minute of all my many “jobs”.  Would never trade them for the world.

The one thing that you never heard me say when I was 6 was that I wanted to be a photographer.  🙂  Well, life throws you in different directions and where you end up, you will never know.  I am so glad that it threw me in this direction.  I love my job, I love my photography family, I love all the different lives that I get to meet and be a part of.

The other thing that I never knew about what what all came with owning your own business.  Now, this is not a complaint at all..please don’t take it as one.  There are many things that I have learned, added to my forever long to-do list and don’t accomplish every day.  Some are daily tasks, some are ongoing tasks and some are emergencies.  When trying to balance family, kiddo activities, work, friends, marriage, etc…..I have finally “thrown in the towel”, “waived the white flag” or in better terms….have ADDED TO THE CMP FAMILY!!!!!!

Many of you have most likely seen her picture on facebook/blogs though the years as she has been a CMP family member for a long time!!! So, when I finally came to the light and realized that I needed some help to continue to grow CMP…she was the perfect one.

Please meet the newest CMP family new assistant…Jessica!                                (and sorry…most updated picture I have of just her she is still pregnant.  No Teagan is finally here with us!)


She is a mother of 3 girls (whom I LOVE to death) and has an awesome hubby too! She will be helping me with emails, phone calls, session confirmations, and so many more things!!!  Oh yeah..and helping me grow the CMP name and reach more families! So, in the future there is a good chance that you will receive an email back from her instead of me.  I will still be here, answering emails and questions as well but she is going to be a big part in helping me with so many things!

Please take a few seconds and say hi to Jessica!!! 🙂

Oh yeah….speaking of marketing.  I am ALWAYS looking for new ways to meet new people and get the CMP name out.  If you have any opportunity for CMP to meet new people, please email me at  I have fun flyers, post cards, etc that can be passed around and shared!

Have a great weekend and try to say dry!!!! (oh thats right..CMP has a mini…its going to rain!)

FUN Family- Fort Worth and Saginaw Texas Photography- Chunky Monkey Photography

A few times thru the year, I ask for a family for a quick promotion session.  This time I asked for fun, playful, colorful and 2+ kiddos.  I do not think that I could have asked for a better family. They were AMAZING.  We had an amazing time and I am in love with all of their images. Thank you for being part of Chunky Monkey Photography and I look forward to seeing you guys again.  IMG_3100logo IMG_3054logo IMG_2984logo IMG_2924logo IMG_2915logo IMG_2896logo IMG_2856logo IMG_2805logo IMG_2775logo IMG_2723logo

Sweet Baby Girl Newborn- Fort Worth and Saginaw Texas Newborn Photographer- Chunky Monkey Photography

This sweet girl made my job easy.  And so did her amazing big sister, mom and dad.  I have no doubt that she will be overly loved, overly played with and overly adored.  Oh..and the concert I got from big sister just topped the session off!!! Thank you guys for trusting Chunky Monkey Photography with your babies! 36logo 27logo 34logo 24logo 15logo 11logo 6logo 2logo

Sweet Baby Boy Newborn- Fort Worth and Saginaw Photographer- Chunky Monkey Photography

I have said it a million times and I mean it the same each time.  Newborns are AMAZING.  I love their total innocence and their sense of just perfection.  This little man was welcomed by his mom and sister with open arms.  He did awesome…I don’t recall ever seeing his eyes open at all.  I can’t wait till I see these two again soon! 27logo 25logo 15logo 14logo 11logo 2logo

Newborn Perfection- Chunky Monkey Photography- Fort Worth and Saginaw Newborn Photographer

So, little girls pull their daddies heart strings right?  Well, this sweetheart pulled mine too.  She made everything just perfect.  Looking at her…you can see what I mean! 111 51 27 1

5 week old DREAM newborn- Chunky Monkey Photography- Fort Worth and Saginaw Newborn Photographer

So, most newborns come to see me before they are two weeks old.  The reason is so they are still sleeping and bendable! This sweet pea was 5 weeks old when she came to play.  BUT, she was a dream! She rarely opened her eyes and she molded perfectly.  To top it off, her parents were amazing!! 19logo 18 15 28 22

Baylor Bears Baby- Chunky Monkey Photography- Fort Worth and Saginaw Newborn Photographer

This family has two of the cutest boys in town…along with the best Baylor Bear Fans!!!! Big brother was a good sport and little man….well, he let me have my baby fun! So glad this family came to meet me…it was fun!!!! 10 11 7 5 2

Chunky Monkey Baby- Fort Worth Saginaw Newborn Photographer- Chunky Monkey Photography

The mama of this sweet baby girl is extra special to CMP (and me personally!!).  We have gotten to have so many fun and amazing photoshoots over the years.  I got to be present when this little one was born (it was AMAZING) and then they came to see me in studio a week later.  As she was born, the dr (we share the same baby dr!) looked at me and said “she is a CMP Poster Child”.  LOVE this little monkey!

Check out her momma maternity session:

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Chunky Monkey Boy- Fort Worth Saginaw Newborn Photographer- Chunky Monkey Photography

I was super excited to meet the mom of such a sweet girl- and celebrate her 1st birthday.  Then, just a few short months later…I got to meet her amazing little brother.  He was a dream to work with and his cheeks were just PERFECT!!! 21logo 16 14logo 10logo 3