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Fort Worth Newborn Photographer – Turkey Baby – Fort Worth Baby Photographer

As many might know…my son, Kaden, was born the day before Thanksgiving.  His awesome Aunt Heather (yes..there are two of us!!!) surprised us with this turkey hat!!! So..of course, we had to do something different.  So…we made him a turkey.  Well, in just a few short weeks…my turkey baby will be turning 3!!! I don’t know where the time went.  So…we did his (prb) last turkey pot picture.  Not sure he will fit after this year! Here are the 4 turkey pictures!! I love having fun and he loves it now too! 163087_10150097147676391_3721610_n 322166_10150435058516391_650383321_o 334444_10151242490436391_1740300046_o IMG_5724logo

Chunky Monkey Photography- Adorable Cowboy- Fort Worth and Saginaw Photographer

So, a few weeks ago I got to spend some time with this adorable cowboy and his mom and dad!!! We had a blast! I look forward to seeing them again soon! And yes….someone this ADORABLE…you have to do a hiney shot! 🙂 33logo 24 21logo 8 14logo 19logo 3logo

Chunky Monkey Photography- Pumpkin Mini Sessions- Saginaw and Fort Worth Photographer

Pumpkin Minis!! We were set to have these done outside but the weather had other choices for us! So..inside the studio we went and they turned out adorable! Thank you to everyone for joining me on this wet yet fun day! 51 33 32 23 22 14 5 3 2 1

Chunky Monkey Photography- Rocking Urban 3 year old- Fort Worth and Saginaw Texas Photographer

Any mom knows how important those “perfect” pictures of their child are.  Now..any photographer mom knows how easy it is to get those “perfect” picture of others children..not there own.  But, my little man ROCKED his 3 year old session.  It was so much fun, full of laughter and I am totally over the moon with what we captured.  So him.  Now…to overload you…sorry!6logo 22logo 21logo 20logo 19logo 18logo 11logo 13logo 14logo 15logo 16log 10logo 9logo 8logo 7logo 4logo 1logo

Chunky Monkey Photography- Destin, Florida- Fort Worth and Saginaw Texas Photographer

Each year Chunky Monkey Photography goes to Destin, FL for amazing beach sessions!!! Of course, my kiddos get to have their own as well. So, last week I finally took the time to edit just a few of them!! Here are my two amazing kiddos!!!!! Love them to the moon and back! IMG_3885logo IMG_3921logo IMG_3938logo IMG_3951logo IMG_4091logo IMG_4010logo IMG_4004logo IMG_3962logo IMG_3962bwlogo

Chunky Monkey Photography- Girl 1st Birthday- Fort Worth and Saginaw Texas Photographer

This family was awesome!! We met up to celebrate baby sisters 1st birthday and got some family pictures done too!! We had a blast and I love working with the whole family.  Looking forward to the next shoot!  Happy 1st Birthday Princess!51logo 48logo 46logo 28logo 22logo 10logo 6logo 2logo 1logo

Chunky Monkey Photography- Sibilings- Fort Worth and Saginaw Texas Photographer sweet baby girl started 1st grade this year and its been awesome!!! Here is my fav from her mini session and then a few outakes!! Gotta love photographing your own kiddos!!! IMG_8855logo IMG_8928lo IMG_8913lo IMG_8919lo IMG_8852lo

Chunky Monkey Photography- Perfect Newborn- Fort Worth and Saginaw Texas Newborn and Child Photographer

This sweet pea will go down in my books as the EASIEST baby I have ever worked with.  She was passed out when she arrived and NEVER opened her eyes or made a peep until I was done….just 2 hours later.  She gave me a few smiles and was just perfect in every way! And of course, she was beautiful!33 30logo 22logo 18 13 12logo 8 5 4 3 1bw