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Fort Worth and Saginaw Photographer- From Newborn to 1 Years old

One of the best things about my job…I have said it over and over again.  Watching my little newborns grown up!! This one is no different! Starting with her newborn picture and then her 1st year session!! One thing has stayed the same…she is ADORABLY PERFECT! 1725logo 17logo 15logo 8logo 4logo

Saginaw TX Newborn Photographer- My Little New Yorker

I LOVE when my New York family comes to visit….its a blast and they never disappoint their Texas Photographer! 🙂 Its a blast watching her grow up! The best part is that my son got to come with me and he was such a big helper too! 41logo IMG_1170 32loog 19logo 14logo 6logo

Chunky Monkey Photography- Fellow Photographer and Friend- Fort Worth and Saginaw Photographer

It is an honor to get to meet and become friends with so many people but one of those being a fellow photographer is even more special! Kelsey and I have the same passions in life….our families and photography.  I love that I get to see them and hang out to document them every year.  This year she choose to use THE BLUE TRUCK which is always a fun prop and perfect for the boys! I hope Kelsey loves every single are just a few from our session.  55logo 38logo 22logo 17logo 13logo 8logo 3logo 1logo

Fort Worth Newborn Photographer -Baby E

Ask me how much I love working with newborns and you would see my arms stretched out as far as they would go.  It is a place where I feel 10000% comfortable and love every minute of it. They are precious and amazing and I am blessed to get to spend time with each one of them.  Baby E was NO different!!! He was an amazing baby for me and his family is truly blessed.  Can’t wait to watch him grow!2logo 3logo 9logo 17.1logo 18logo 27logo 34logo 25logo 23.1logo

Fort Worth Family Photographer- Fun Family

I had not seen this family in over a year so it was fun to see how the girls had grown!! We had a lot of giggles, laughs, silly faces and hugs during our session.  It was perfect weather for this awesome family! Looking forward to the next time we get to hang out! 2logo 6logo 15logo 19logo 30logo