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Dallas TX Newborn Photographer- Sweet baby boy

When you go out to a lifestyle newborn session, you are walking into the unknown.  As the photographer, you don’t have all your “stuff”.  You are there to capture the one perfect thing….that sweet newborn baby.  When I walked in to the house and mom showed me a few chairs that had big importance in their family along with the most amazing big brother out there….I knew this would be a perfect session.  Baby boy was amazing, slept the whole time and we got some amazing shots! Here are just a few.  38logo 31logo 30bwlogo 23logo 22logo 17logo 7logo 3logo 1logo

Fort Worth TX Family Photographer- Fun in the Stockyards

Still playing catch up on blogging!!! The best part is getting to relive the fun session with this family!  These kiddos were full of laughter and giggles!! And coming dressed perfectly!  Makes my job so much fun! And of course, the parents ROCKED too! Can’t wait to see them again! 28logo 26logo 8logo 7logo 3logo

Fort Worth Baby Photographer- She turns ONE!

I got to spend time with this awesome family a bit before Christmas to celebrate a 1st birthday!   We had a lot of fun all three of these girls are beautiful!  I adore the moments between mom and her girls….so precious!!43logo 38logo 22logo 16logo 10logo 5logo 1logo

Fort Worth and Saginaw Photographer- Its All About MY Family!

99% of the posts I put on here are about the cuteness and snuggles I get on a daily basis from all my CMP families!  Well, I get a lot of snuggles, love, support and laughter from home to.  Thought I would share a bit about my family for those who are new to CMP!

My husband of as of this year…10 years!!! He has been a big rock for me since we met but so much though CMP.  Though both pregnancies and months there after of both of our kiddos..I could not drive due to medical reasons.  He would work his job and then work mine.  Driving me to and from all my sessions, keeping kiddos happy in the car, etc.  He is still a huge help in CMP’s world.  Fixing things, building things, playing things (Santa), moving things, etc.  All those “husband things”.  OH..and being an awesome daddy to our kiddos.  We got to go to Hawaii earlier this year for a friends wedding and it was nice to get away and just spend some time with him.  Of course we missed the littles at home but our marriage is fun with just us too!

C44A5528 C44A5270Then my daughter….wow.  She is a FIREBALL.  A cute fireball.  But the one thing I know about her is that her heart is so BIG and filled with love for everyone.  She has magical laughter and a smile that can and will light up the world.  She loves to fight with her brother and loves to roll her eyes at her mama and she is a daddys girl.  So…to say the least…she is pretty normal I guess.  But when she snuggles on the couch with me, looks up and says “your the best mama ever”….my heart melts all over again.  She is growing up WAY to fast.C44A7411bwbw C44A7471

Then there is my son.  His eyes are amazing.  You can see his spirit and his happiness when you look in them for sure.  His giggles, his goofy faces and his love are all amazing.  Now..he is a daredevil.  Jumping off everything and scaring me every time I turn around so I know at some point a picture with a broken something is lurking.  BUT, he is a mama’s boy and I love every second of it (okay…the sharing the bathroom EVERYtime I need to go could be better but)…yes every second of it.  I can’t wait to see the little man he is going to turn out to be.   C44A7453


IMG_3600None the less….my family is MY family.  They love me for who I am and what I do.  Even if I pull the camera out every time they turn around.  I know that they will be grateful for it later on.  I love each of you so much!!!!!!18.16 411 12



Fort Worth and Saginaw Photographer- Chunky Monkey Photography 2014 Model Search!

Chunky Monkey Photography’s model search 2014 is here!!!!  We have A LOT of participants this year!! Chunky Monkey will choose the 2 girls and 2 boys for the 2014 Model Search.  Those winners will be included in preview shoots though out the year and will receive images from those shoots for FREE!  If they have siblings that are not participants in the contest or are not chosen for the Model Search, they can participate in the preview shoots as well for a small fee!

Here is the deal! There are a few different ways to vote for your choices.  Please make sure you read all the information so you don’t miss a chance to vote and that your votes count!

Ways to vote

1. Leave a comment on this blog with your # choices and any love for those images.  Comments MUST have the #Number of the image (numbers are on each individual image) to count.    There are 41 kiddos in the contest so make sure to look all the way down before voting!!!!!!

2. Go “Like” Chunky Monkey Photography on Facebook and then “Like” the images on Facebook of your choices in the MODEL SEARCH ALBUM. (No comments count for votes on Facebook and your “likes” don’t count if you don’t “Like” the CMP page!)  This contest is not associated with Facebook in any way.

3.  Share the link of this contest from the Facebook page with your friends and family and in your share….mention the # of each image you are voting for!!! It must be a direct share from the facebook page so that I can see who has shared it.  Any additional shares do not count for actual votes but are welcome of course.

The contest will run from today, January 20th until January 31st at 8pm.  It will take a few days for us to run though and confirm all the votes to announce the winners.  Please keep in mind that this is to be fun and exciting! No cheating, complaining or etc is allowed!  And of course, all new “LIKERS” on the CMP page are welcome to stay and enjoy previews, announcements and other fun contests.  No need to run off as the contest ends!  🙂

**By entering in this contest, Chunky Monkey Photography has full permission from all the parents to share the images of their child(ren).  Also, Chunky Monkey Photography has full permission to release anyone from the contest at any time if any problems occur.**

Any questions….please let me know!

Good Luck!!!!

Thank you!! Heather

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Fort Worth and Saginaw Photographer- Clients turned family!

You can grow up in the same area, go to high school together and never really know each other.  Amber, mom of three amazing boys, was that person!  She has let Chunky Monkey Photography be part of her family since the beginning and not only can I call her an amazing CMP client…she is a my friend!!!! We meet up all over the place…even on the beach in Florida! Thanks for being part of CMP!

Ps..for this session, Brian’s (Ambers husband) parents came and joined us.  Got some AMAZING grandparent shots!!! Can’t stress it enough…..GO…TAKE THOSE SHOTS!!!!

71 59bwlogo 37logo 27logo 22logo 16logo 12logo 7logo 1logoSaginaw

Fort Worth and Saginaw Photographer- Full of smiles!

I got to meet the M Family and we had a fun time playing in Fort Worth!  Just a few from the fun filled Chunky Monkey session! Can’t wait to see them again in the future!

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Fort Worth and Saginaw Family Photographer- Amazing family!!!

Catching up on the Chunky Monkey Photography Blog!!

The R family has been with Chunky Monkey Photography for a long time!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting to meet up with them every year and watch their kiddos grow up!! We have so much fun and they are sooo easy to work with.  I could actually post every picture from their session but I picked just a few of my favs!

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