Monthly Archives: March 2014

Saginaw Newborn Photographer- Welcome to Texas Baby Girl!

I get asked all the time which I like to photograph more…boys or girl newborns.  I can’t answer that since I LOVE both equally.  BUT, girls are def fun.  Full of fluff, lace, flowers and just fun.  Boy..have their own gems.  This little girl was amazing to work with.  Her parents told me their fun story….the moved to Texas while mom was VERY pregnant in the MIDDLE of TEXAS HEAT with all of their stuff piled in their laps.  Oh..then throw in a flat tire.  I don’t know a better way to “welcome” you to Texas….go through all of that craziness but end up with a BEAUTIFUL Baby Girl…Born Texan!  😉 28logo 27logo 20.1logo 19.1logo 18bwlogo 16bwlogo 15logo 12logo 8logo 1logo

Fort Worth Baby Photographer- Smiles, Laughs and Tears

6/7 months old is another fun and fav age to photograph!  This little gem got to come see me twice!!! We got tons of expressions…smiles, laughs, cries, stares, poses and oh yeah..some tears.  But..all of those complete the circle of life and I love documenting every bit of it.  Can’t wait to play again soon! 25loo 23logo 22logo 16logo 12logo 7logo 5logo 3logo

Dallas Child Photographer- Happy 1st Birthday to you!

So one of the best things on top of my newborn sessions is watching them grow up and celebrating their 1st birthday!!! This little girl and her amazing family has allowed me to be a part of the whole year and that means a lot!!!  And of course it does not hurt that she is amazing adorable and beautiful!!! Can’t wait to watch her grow more!47logo 43logo 42logo 37logo 34logo 22logo 18logo 17logo 8logo 7logo 5logo 3logo 1logo