Monthly Archives: May 2014

Fort Worth Newborn Photographer- CMP Family

So there are many CMP families that I get close to over the time that I have photographed them.  Its so fun and amazing to feel close to so many of them and watch their kiddos grow up!  This family is def one of them and I am excited about the new baby boy that joined the club! 29 27 23 20logo 11bwlogo 1logo

Saginaw Newborn Photographer- Amazing Baby Girl

Loved working with this sweet girl.  She was amazing.  I hope her family cherishes the images forever!!! 30 29 28 26 22 19logo 13logo 12 1

Dallas Newborn Photographer- Precious Girl

This sweet baby girl came back to see me a while ago and was just perfect.  10logo 9logo 8logo 4logo 2logo

Saginaw Newborn Photographer- Sweet Baby Girl

So time has been crazy busy and blogging has felt the hit of it.  But, I vowed to get back to it and back to my routine! Starting off that is this precious girl! Newborn photography def has my heart!!! 27loo 24logo 19logo 15logo 11log 8logo 6logo 2logo