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Saginaw Family Photographer- Welcome home sweet girl!

This family has an amazing story!!! They got to meet their little girl and make it for forever!! At first I thought she might be really shy but when we started playing around….I could not stop laughing!! It was amazing! I can’t wait to see her again soon! 33 26 21bw 18logo 13 6bw 5 2

Grapevine Family Photographer- Moments to Remember

Got to catch up with this family and have some fun in Grapevine!! When working with toddlers you just roll with the punches and let them do their thing!! Rolling on the ground, jumping around like monkeys….whatever it takes for some fun family shots! Thats what CMP is about! 38 32 28 26 21 17 15 13 9logo 2

Dallas Fort Worth Family Photographer- Letting loose and having fun!

Its so much fun to meet up with old friends and get to play!! This family is amazing and their children are beautiful!! I can’t wait to meet the newest one coming very soon!!!! 64 61 57 51 48logo 44 43 42 40 36 34 33 28 22 18 13 2 1

Dallas Fort Worth Child and Baby Photographer- Fun at the Arboretum!

I met this lovely family for mamas maternity session with the sweet baby! We have gotten to meet up a few times after that and its SOOO much fun!! These girls were such amazing models and their smiles just melt my heart! I can’t wait for next time! 43 42 37 33logo 30 29 22 20logo 15 10 3

Dallas Fort Worth Newborn and Child Photographer- They turned ONE!

These two girls got to celebrate the BIG 1!!!! I got to meet them a while back when they were still growing and getting stronger in the hospital.  Then we got to smash some cake!!!! Its fun to see my new friends and I can’t wait to see them again in the future! Collage

Fort Worth Newborn Photographer- Celebrating and Introducing Baby K!

I have had the joy to work with the V Family for a long time!!! A while back they let me know they were moving and I was HEARTBROKEN!! But then the call came saying they were moving home and that they were EXPECTING!!!!!! So…..wheels starting turning and the back to back meetings over a few short weeks created some amazing memories of the birth of Baby K!

1.2logo 7 11 19loo 23 32 45 54 60 63 1 4logo 6bw 8 11 15 17 26 28 34 1 3logo 10 14 17 22 26 27 37And of course, Kaden got to go along and meet Baby Kaden (he loved that) and see his friend Gi-Gi! Thank you V Family for letting me be a part of it all!!!!!

Dallas Fort Worth Child Photographer- Pumpkin Time!

All these pumpkins came out to brave a Saturday at the Dallas Arboretum with me and they ROCKED IT!! It was blast!!!!!! All galleries are done and uploading and will be delivered SOON! 🙂 6 1 3 1 2 4 7 1 3 3 2

Fort Worth Dallas Newborn Photographer- <3

I love working with this family!!!! Everyone is so laid back and fun to chat with!! I can’t wait to watch these two precious girls grow in front of my camera!! 27bwlogo 26 23 19 18 16logo 15 12 10 4 2

Saginaw Newborn Photographer- LOVE LOVE LOVE

Getting to meet new families is a daily excitement of mine!! This family was amazing to work with and I enjoyed every second of the newborn shoot.  I look forward to working with them more in the future!!!!  🙂 29 22 18 16 14 9 7logo 5 3

Dallas Fort Worth Newborn Photographer- Total sweetness

I have gotten to work with this family for a while and was excited when they told me that they were adding to their precious family.  She could not be more perfect!!!! Congratulations you guys! 34 31 28logo 24 21 16 9logo 4 2 1