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Fort Worth Dallas Newborn Photographer- Baseball Boy

Boys and Baseball….have so many baseball ideas for this little guy when he is older!

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Fort Worth Dallas Newborn Photographer- A CMP Newborns Little Sister….

It’s amazing to get to meet a past CMP newborns little sister! 26 25 19 15 13 8 7 6 4 1

Fort Worth Saginaw Newborn Photographer- Love my CMP Babies!

I could have kept her.  Newborns are my thing.  Growing up if there was a baby there…I did not share.  Again, I could have kept her…but they would not let me.  Instead, I am so thrilled that they let me play and capture these shots of their beauty! 30 28 25 21 10 7 5   🙂

Fort Worth Dallas Newborn Photographer- Boy and his Guitar

Yep, a daddy who loves to play and sing guitar to his baby….you gotta make memories!!18 16 6 1

Dallas Fort Worth Newborn Photographer- Sweet girl!

This baby girl is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Loved working with her and can’t wait to have some fun in the future! 25 21 17 13 12 9 7 4

Fort Worth Dallas Newborn Photographer- Don’t wanna blink!

Awake or asleep…this little man ROCKED!!!! He was ADORABLE!!! Take a peek! 18 15 7 6

Saginaw Family Photographer- Blue Truck Celebration

Birthday cake and the good ol’ CMP Blue Truck…how good can life be? Yes, this truck is available for your shoot too! 26

Fort Worth Family Photographer- Backyard Family Shoot

I always have an amazing time with this family.  And yes..this is in their backyard!! It was perfect!!!!! Chunky Monkey Photography Family Photographer

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Fort Worth Dallas Newborn Photographer- Dream Baby

I love seeing all my newborns in my Fort Worth Studio but its amazing to get to meet people at their homes.  Lets just say this baby was a TOTAL dream!! 21 18 16 11 9 5 4 2