Monthly Archives: April 2015

Fort Worth Photographer- Happy 1st Birthday Mr. Lumberjack!!!

So Mr. E came to see me when he was born…..he was an amazing newborn.  So we HAD to go celebrate his 1st Birthday!! His mama was amazing and had a lumberjack themed birthday.  So, he brought his pancakes and syrup to eat!! Happy Birthday Little MAN!! 37 33 25 23 20 14 10 8 2

Fort Worth Photographer- Happy Birthday Girls!

We had a special celebration in studio a while back!!! These two turned ONE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS! 25 20 19 17 14 12 7 4 1

Fort Worth Newborn Photographer- Amazing sweetness!

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Sweet dreams and can’t wait to see watch you grow!

Fort Worth Photographer- Amazing Senior..Class of 2015

So, I don’t get the opportunity to hang out with amazing teenagers.  Well, this sweet lady was amazing and makes me wish I could do Seniors more often.  There was not one time that I was worried about how her shoot was going, if she was comfortable or if she was having fun.  She was amazing!!!! And of course, she plays my favorite spot….SOCCER!!! The BEST part was that her little brother started kindergarden the year she started her senior year! How amazing is that! They have an amazing bond! 32 31 28 23 20 18 13 10 9 6 3 1