Monthly Archives: May 2015

Fort Worth Newborn Photographer- Brotherly love for his little sister.

Talk about amazing family.  Little sister joined in just perfectly.  I can’t wait to see them again soon. 36 32 27 23 19 10 8 6 4

Fort Worth Newborn Photographer- 3 girls

Simple and perfect.  All 3 of these girls.  And BIG kudos to these girls who sat still with their baby sister for a good amount of time.  I blew a fuse and our light went out….twice.  Mom sat next to them while I ran and fixed it each time.  They were amazing.  I hope mom loves these like I do! 27.1 22 19 9 7 5 2

Fort Worth Newborn Photographer- CMP Triplets!

I answer the phone, a wonderful long time client is on the phone.  She tells me they are expecting!! I am SUPER excited for them.  Then she says: WITH THREE BABIES!! I think I might have screamed in her ear with my excitement.  I was soooo ready to meet those babies.  The time finally came, and I got to meet them in the NICU. They were amazing babies! When it was time for their newborn shoot, I had my good friend Kelsey (amazing photographer herself) come help me.  The babies were just crazy good and we got some shots! I can’t wait to watch them grow up! 10 8 7 5 4 3 2 1

Fort Worth Newborn Photographer- Sweet Girl

This sweet girl came to the studio and was amazing! I love every shot I got of her.  Her parents were amazing too! Its fun to work and listen to the “oohhss” and “awes” about their baby girl. 28 26 23 15 5 1