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Fort Worth Photographer- Printing your professional images.

Printing Reminder!!! VERY IMPORTANT!! PLEASE READ!

Please remember that the print release is given to the individuals that purchase the session only.  It is copied onto your USB for when using your USB to print at locations.  It is not to be copied and shared.

When picking a location to print, please keep in mind that you paid for professional photography…..why not print and get beautiful photography to hang on your walls!!! If you do not print though me (though your link or reveal sessions for newborns) please use to receive beautiful images every time.

**Please DO NOT print from web shared images as the quality is downgraded and does not show the image in the correct quality as provided by Chunky Monkey Photography. If others would like a print from your session, you can print it from the USB for them OR share the online link so that they may order prints from there themselves.**

Also, when sharing your images online, please make sure that any filters are turned off.  Facebook has filters that change the look of your images.  That does not show the intended look of your images that you receive from Chunky Monkey Photography.  Please also note in your print release that ANY FURTHER EDITING OF YOUR IMAGES IS PROHIBITED.

It is SO important that when others see your images you receive from Chunky Monkey that they see the images in the way that they are intended to look so that it is a good vision of Chunky Monkey Photography.

Word of mouth is SO important in the growth of Chunky Monkey Photography and I appreciate all the shares of your images of Chunky Monkey Photography with your family and friends! Keep it going!

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand the importance of printing your professional photography!!