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Pearls and Tiara- Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

I enjoyed this family so much.  Mom asked if we could use a very special scarf and it was perfect.  And of course every little girl needs pearls! Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a sucker for the daddy shots.  They are some of my all time favs! 30 20 8 5

Go Bears- Fort Worth Photographer

Chunky Monkey Photography loves to incorporate the families loves.  Colleges, Nursery decorations, and any other little trinkets that can go along with the baby.  This sweet boys family was a Baylor family (Go Bears) and wanted to incorporate animals- GRRR.  And of course he had to show off his business side with his OMgoodness, sweet baby tie! And like most of us, working hard is exhausting! BIG YAWN!!! 31 25 23 8 2

Fingers, Toes and Smile, OH MY!- Fort Worth Photographer

Newborn Smiles, Newborn Fingers, and Big Sisters.  It does not get any better than that. 22 21 18 10 5 2

Football Princess- Family Photography- Fort Worth Photographer

When a newborn comes into my studio, my goal is to capture them as they are.  Little, bendable, beautiful, loveable, squeezable.  But, there are a lot of fun things that we add in to capture the familes loves that they have joined in on. This family loved football! We had fun including that.  And of course, who can turn down the idea of floating among the clouds in a hot air balloon? So light and airy among romantic and love! And any smiles they give are amazing too!

34 30 28 17 14 12

Fun, laughter and happiness- Dallas Family Photographer -Fort Worth Photographer

So the part of Chunky Monkey that I love on top of the photography part is meeting families and being a part of watching them grow.  The first time you meet, the little ones are a bit shy and question who you are and what you are doing with that camera.  Then after time, you become friends and the hugs and laughter you get goes along with “job”.  This family is a blast to shoot with and I always look forward to seeing them at their Chunky Monkey Family shoots! 24 22 20 14 2 1

My Nanny- Fort Worth Newborn and Family Photographer DFW

Good morning to everyone! My usual post relive the amazing families that I get to meet and spend time with every day.  Today is a bit different.  Why?  Read below to find out why.

So this past month has been a rough month for my family.  My grandmother, we call her Nanny, has started to show big signs of dementia and Alzheimers.  This lady is a HUGE part of my life and its so hard to watch her decline.  If anyone ever asks me why I do what I do with my camera, other than the usual responses of I love it, its an amazing job, I get to meet amazing people……the background answer is because of her.  11887978_10207721871070533_8824317070930546430_n

She ALWAYS had a camera in her hand at all times. I mean ALL times.  I remember getting frustrated because thats what she always did when we were little (and prb more in my teenage years).  BUT, as I was sitting at her house going though things the other day, I sat for hours looking at THOSE pictures.  There were some from before I was born and then there was Heather.  The first grandchild.  All the love and happiness in those photos made me cry.  Happy tears mixed in with tears of sadness of course.  I know that what I do with my camera is so much more.  The “capturing memories” might sound cliche but it really is what it is.  Life is so busy on a daily basis that other than our phones, I don’t see many cameras in peoples hands. Including myself.  All those fun and silly moments, all those snuggles that I saw, and all those people that I got the joy of explaining to my daughter who they were.  Her eyes just glistened to all of my stories. 10305516_10208558462664800_3981515737782478342_n

So that lady who I look at as my Nanny, the lady who was always there when I was growing up, where I spend my summers, who I lived with at college, who never missed a piano recital, who cooked us whatever we wanted (and was good at it), that lady…..she did just that. She captured those memories so that at a later time, we could all look back and relive and go though all the stories of the moments.  Rather she knew that in time, she would forget the stories, forget the names, forget the laughter and giggles….she made sure that they were captured and I am so blessed for that.

Now, I know that I, Chunky Monkey Photography, can’t capture every single moment in your life.  But, I know that our meetings we have though out the year captures something.  It captures the moment that tells a story of your child, your family, the emotions that you have during that time of your life.  The squishy love of the newborn, the sleepy eyes of the mom, the hugs and kisses from the toddlers, the tears, the smiles and or so more.  Looking back at those images many, many years later….will tell a story to you all.  It will tell your story. 2

I have always said that I would be honored to be a part of your story.  To capture those memories.  From the beginning with life growing within though all the stages of your family growing.  Yes, its my business and it supports my family but it is soooo much more than that.  I want to know that one day, when your grandchildren look though your pictures that they can see and live some of your stories.  Big or little.  14

It is so important to me for my story of my Nanny to get out and shine her glory to everyone.  So, I want to give a FREE 16×20 canvas to one special person.  So for everyone that comments on this blog, shares my facebook status, or books a CMP session will be put into a drawing for that canvas.  I will draw for the winner on Feb 13th, my Nanny’s 88th birthday!

Thank you for taking the time to read about my Nanny and as always, thank you for the support of Chunky Monkey Photography. Bless you all!

Little Girls are Sugar and Spice- Fort Worth Photographer

This little girl was beautiful.  I was super excited to meet her and have her family in the studio.  We had a great time with her big brother, who did a GREAT job with the big brother role holding, hugging and kissing on his sister! 5 11 14 23 28 31

Friends forever- Fort Worth Photography

All of my Chunky Monkey Photography clients are considered family.  They have trusted me with their little ones and their memories.  Memories that you can’t get back.  BUT, this session (well, all three of her babies sessions and the sessions in between) have a different meaning.  This lady and her family mean so much to my family and I.  We have been friends for years.  Before children were here.  I love to be able to say that this amazing Christian woman is my friend.  We get to share in family activities, birthday celebrations, baby showers, and when life allows….just hanging out.  When she told me that she was pregnant with her third, of course I was over the moon and excited for her family.  But, I was excited for myself.  I had another baby that I got to love on, capture and watch grow up close.  And this little Chunky Monkey was amazing along with her big brother and sister.  2 4 10 11 15 23 17 29 37

Little Miracles- Fort Worth Photographer

Love. Love. Love. Newborns are amazing.  How they fold and bend.  Its an amazing job to have to get to snuggle these little miracles.  This little man did amazing and so did his parents.  14 1 17

Amazing Family- Fort Worth Family Photographer

This family is so much fun!  Despite the mud from the rain that we skipped around, we had a blast! Tons of laughing and giggles and love. They always put a smile on my face and are so positive to be with.

24 18 14 12 11 6 4 1