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Little lips, tiny fingers and toes- Fort Worth Photographer

The date you realize that there is life growing inside you.  Knowing that 9 months from then, you will get to hold that precious newborn in your arms.  The day comes that your baby is born and your heart is full.  Lets capture those emotions.  Those tiny fingers, tiny toes and sweet lips.  They are amazing.  3bw 5 7 13 19 24

Meeting your new little one- Fort Worth Photographer

There is an amazing part of life.  Holding that sweet newborn for the first time is an unbelievable feeling.  Watching your older kiddos love on that new baby.  Those are times that will go so fast yet will be so important.  It’s something that you can capture frozen in time.

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Outdoor Newborn Session- Fort Worth Photographer

Newborn sessions outside.  Totally different experience.  I am in love! Why not capture those tiny memories in the world around us? And of course include your whole family.  The best family shot, with that sweet newborn in your arms. 1 2 3 18 41

Newborns are just amazing- Fort Worth Photographer

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This family is amazing!- Fort Worth Photographer

So this family.  they are amazing.  i could go on and on with examples and memories but just to know that they are crazy amazing is enough.  I have gotten to watch these kiddos grow up and its so much fun to see them.  I look at these images today and it takes me right back to the day of the shoot and puts a BIG smile on my face.  love ya C family! 2 6 10 18blog 21

Beautiful family- Fort Worth Photographer

1 6 8bw 21 23 32Beautiful baby! Beautiful kiddos! Beautiful newborn! Love this Chunky Monkey Photography Family!

Guitar Princess- DFW Newborn Photographer -Fort Worth Photographer

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yes, i LOVED this family! So laid back and fun! Dad plays the guitar and brought his stuff with him and we had some fun with it! And….mom looked AMAZING for just having a BABY!!!!!

Colton- DFW Newborn Photography- Fort Worth Photographer

i could have just kept him…….but mama wouldn’t let me.  he was PERFECT in every way! 3 8 15 25 29.1 30

Squishy Squishy- DFW Newborn Photography – Fort Worth Photographer

Newborns are all adorable.  BUT, what about those added rolls? OMG! Just amazing.  Love posing a chunky monkey.  Squishy squishy!!!! 4 5 6 31 35 41

Sweet Sweet boy- DFW Newborn Photographer – Fort Worth Photographer

I love getting to blog all my babies! It is getting relive the amazing shoots that we have and the memories that we literally have frozen in time for forever!  It’s the best feeling to have that I got to be a part of that and that they choose me to be a part of it!

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