Monthly Archives: March 2017

Hair!!!  Look at his hair!! Now, I love me some bald babies.  I had myself two of them.  BUT, when a newborn comes in with hair like this, you just drool a bit.  Its hard to put a hat on their head cause you don’t want to cover it up! On top of it all, he slept like a perfect dream! His brothers will be amazing, ready to teach him all the tricks! Thank you guys for choosing CMP! 32 26 20 9 1

Grandparents and Newborns- Fort Worth Newborn and Family Photography

Your family is your family.  No matter what part of that family is around or far away.  BUT, a newborn baby will do the trick.  Bring everyone together for an amazing birthday! I was honored to meet this sweet peas grandparents during her newborn session. It was such a great idea to have them all there and capture them with her during this sweet time.  And of course, mom and dad ROCKED!!! Looking forward to watching this little one grow up! 35 18 12 10 6 2

Amazing Family- Fort Worth Newborn and Family Photography

Ok, I am still behind (way behind) on blogging BUT I am at it again, trying to catch up! And who better to start off with today than this amazing family.  They are an amazing family from my church- Compass Church.  To be able to watch them in their family dynamics was awesome.  Laid back, funny, laughter within, and then of course BEAUTIFUL children!! Thank you L family for letting me be a part of this with you! 12 11 10 3