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Introducing Baby Brother- DFW Newborn Photographer

This little gal came and introduced me to her new favorite person….her baby brother!!!!! It was adorable, she loved him so much! 39 38 33 31

CMP Cuddles Thru the 1st Year! – Fort Worth Newborn and Child Photography

This little baseball man had amazing first year!! Take a peek into with me. I love getting to watch my CMP babies grow up!! 34 11 151826 24 219 17 3

Little Man doesn’t get any cuter!- Fort Worth Chunky Monkey Photography

This little man’s shoot got lost in the shuffle with tons of others to be edited but I can’t NOT show it off!!! He is soooo adorable!!!!!!!!!! 29 27 23 10 6 5 3 2

Wide Open Spaces- Fort Worth Family Photography

Whats the best thing for a toddler….wide open spaces! We just went and had fun in the light.  It was amazing!!!! 9 6 5 4 2

Lake Shoot- Weatherford Family Photographer

This family is one of my favorites for so many reasons.  They are always smiling, laughing, having fun, showing each other love… I shall go on.  It was fun to go to a “new” place for their family pictures.  I enjoyed reliving the shoot though my editing.  34 31 28 24 15 11 3 1

Reconnecting is amazing!- Fort Worth Family Photography

So when you grow up, you are lucky to have such a childhood filled with memories like I did.  Those memories included my best friend in almost every single one.  Then, one day the move and you lose touch.  BUT, there is this amazing thing called Facebook and it connects you back again.  And when she calls and says “Hey, I need family pictures”……you scream outloud! Its been WAY too many years!!!! 22 12 11 9 4 1

Let’s Go Stars!!- Fort Worth Newborn Photography

This little boy was welcomed into the world by his amazing BIG brother! And of course, they both did amazing during his newborn session! 36 49 43 20.1


she took your breath away- DFW Newborn Photography

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Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice- Fort Worth Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography is such an amazing thing.  Capturing every little sweet “newborn” thing.  Their little fingers, little toes, little eyelashes, little everything.

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