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Lets play ball! – Fort Worth Newborn Photography

I love when parents bring a few things that we can incorporate into the session! In this little mans case… was all about baseball! And he definitely won. Then it was about snuggles from there… was hard to let him leave! 1logo 5logo 10logo 19logo 20logo 21logo 36logo

Turn on the charm- Fort Worth Baby Photography

Yep, her mom pulled out these outfits and I just died.  They were adorable.  She pulled them off like a little model.  She knew exactly what she was doing.  Then we decided to go “buff”…..she did not turn off the charm….she worked in in every way! She was a perfect Chunky Monkey model!

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Chunky Monkey Cutie- Fort Worth Baby Photography

Another CMP cutie came back to see me as he was learning and achieving new milestones! We giggled thru the whole session! I just don’t think we could have had more fun! Looking forward to his next session coming soon!

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Amazing sisters- Fort Worth Newborn Photography

Big sister was super excited to introduce her little sister to me.  She was perfect at all the big sister jobs.  And her little sister did not fall short in being amazing.  Just take a look……

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Four Men……. – Fort Worth Newborn Photography

This little man and his three big brothers came by the studio.  Talk about amazing.  Every single boy put on their happy faces and acted unbelievable.  Little brother was so snuggling and didn’t shy away from a smile here or there.  Thank you guys for coming to see me here at Chunky Monkey Photography!

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Protectors for Life- Fort Worth Newborn Photography

These two brothers came by and let me spend some time with their baby sister!  She was a total doll.  They all did amazing and I look forward to seeing her as she grows! 30logo 23logo 18bwlogo 12logo 6logo

Mommy and Me- Dallas Child Photography

I was so excited when this mommy called and asked if we could do a special Mommy and Me photoshoot with her little girl! We headed out to the Dallas Arboretum and had so much fun.  Lots of hugs, kisses and snuggles…..tons of love! 4logo 9logo 15logo 19logo 26loho

Lions, TCU and Baseball!- Fort Worth Newborn Photography

I love having fun during the newborn shoots! This family brought in a few things that they wanted to use and I think this little guy rocked every single one! When he becomes the QB at TCU, don’t forget Mrs. Heather at Chunky Monkey Photography!

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CMP Newborn 1st Birthday!- Fort Worth Newborn Photography

The celebration of a CMP Newborn’s 1st Birthday is soooo cool! We giggled, snuggled and played peek-a-boo! 28logo 25logo 24logo 19logo 12logo 9logo 3logo

Outside and In- Fort Worth Child Photography

This little man was ready for his sitter session…so out we went! But, sometimes the moment is just not right so after a few shots, we rescheduled for the studio. Got some fun shots and included the family of course! 5logo 8logo 16logo 22logo 29logo 34logo