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Newborn Kisses and Hugs- Denton Newborn Photography

Big sister and I met a few years ago at her Chunky Monkey Newborn session.  She was so fun and came back with her little sister for me to meet! Love of kisses and hugs were passed around for all! 23logo 17logo 14logo 10logo 6logo 4logo

Lets play ball! – Fort Worth Newborn Photography

I love when parents bring a few things that we can incorporate into the session! In this little mans case…..it was all about baseball! And he definitely won. Then it was about snuggles from there…..it was hard to let him leave! 1logo 5logo 10logo 19logo 20logo 21logo 36logo

Four Men……. – Fort Worth Newborn Photography

This little man and his three big brothers came by the studio.  Talk about amazing.  Every single boy put on their happy faces and acted unbelievable.  Little brother was so snuggling and didn’t shy away from a smile here or there.  Thank you guys for coming to see me here at Chunky Monkey Photography!

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Lions, TCU and Baseball!- Fort Worth Newborn Photography

I love having fun during the newborn shoots! This family brought in a few things that they wanted to use and I think this little guy rocked every single one! When he becomes the QB at TCU, don’t forget Mrs. Heather at Chunky Monkey Photography!

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Smiles, Tears…..Seasons. – Fort Worth Newborn Photography

Life has seasons.  You live thru them with smiles, laughter, tears, sadness, anxiety, hard work, relaxed……..but they are all different.  Some seasons are more difficult than others.  Some much more fun than the last. Watching your children grow up is amazing, wonderful yet stressful and crazy!

Owning a business is the same.  There are seasons that your business goes though.  The levels that you build and the tear down.  But the one thing about the amazing work that I get to do, love to do, look forward to do….is that I am creating art that you can hold on to for forever when you go though those life seasons.

I have said it many times and will say it over and over……why choose Chunky Monkey Photography? I want someone to look at my work and speak to me and say to themselves….”she is passionate about what she does and she is 100% in love with creating something for me to hold on to forever!!”.

If you are looking for a newborn photographer (or child, milestone, family cause I love that too!), please take a moment and just check out the website at www.chunkymonkeyphotography.com or email us at info@chunkymonkeyphotography.com.

And if you are not in the season of needing a newborn photographer, please share this blog with your family and friends.  Word of mouth is the best way to share and most appreciated over all!

Here are some of my all time favorites…..and I have many more that I can’t add on here cause they won’t all fit!

I would love to meet you all and work together!

Thank you- Heather

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A CMP family! – Fort Worth Newborn Photography

I got the opportunity to meet this family a few years back with their first newborn.  Now, big sister brought back her brother to meet me.  They both rocked their camera time! 33logo 32logo 29logo 25logo 19logo 14logo 8logo 4logo 3logo 1logo

Introducing Baby Brother- DFW Newborn Photographer

This little gal came and introduced me to her new favorite person….her baby brother!!!!! It was adorable, she loved him so much! 39 38 33 31

CMP Cuddles Thru the 1st Year! – Fort Worth Newborn and Child Photography

This little baseball man had amazing first year!! Take a peek into with me. I love getting to watch my CMP babies grow up!! 34 11 151826 24 219 17 3